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May 29, 2024

The Best Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

We’ve had the privilege of performing at countless ceremonies, each unique and beautiful in its own way. One of the most crucial elements of any wedding is the music, especially the songs that play during the ceremony. These tunes set the tone, evoke emotions, and create unforgettable memories. In this blog, we’ll share our expert picks for the best ceremony songs, perfect for making your special day truly magical.

Photo by Lucky Devils Creative

Why Ceremony Songs Matter

Ceremony songs are more than just background music; they are the soundtrack to one of the most significant moments of your life. From the processional to the recessional, each song should reflect your love story and personal taste. Here’s our list of the best ceremony songs that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

Top Ceremony Songs for Every Moment

1. Processional Songs

The processional song is the music that plays as the wedding party walks down the aisle. It sets the tone for the entire ceremony. Here are our top picks:

2. Bride’s Entrance Songs

The bride’s entrance is one of the most anticipated moments of the ceremony. The right song can make it even more special:

3. Interlude Songs

Interlude songs are played during key moments of the ceremony, such as lighting the unity candle or during a sand ceremony. Here are our favorites:

4. Recessional Songs

The recessional song marks the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the celebration. It should be joyful and celebratory:

Trending Ceremony Songs

In recent times, anything from Bridgerton is huge. And pretty much anything on Spotify by the Vitamin String Quartet gets requested a lot. Here are some of the top artists that are likely to be big hits at your ceremony:

These artists get requested all the time and their top 5 most played songs on Spotify are sure to be favorites.

Custom Arrangements for Your Special Day

We also do custom arrangements fairly often. If we can find the sheet music to something, we can do it, so our couples get pretty creative there. Even if we can’t find the sheet music, we’ll write it out. For instance, someone wanted “Seasons” by Future Islands for a wedding recently, and we made it happen. If you have a special pop song in mind, we can adapt it to classical instrumentation and make it sound amazing. Lots of options!

Ceremony Music Suggestions

Prelude Music – (15-30 min) while guests are arriving and being seated (we usually choose this for you based on your selections for the formal choices, but feel free to suggest songs for this portion!)

Processional – as wedding party and family members are seated

Bridal Processional – Usually a separate song to the Bridal Party Processional

Ceremony – We obviously remain silent for the duration

Recessional – Typically an exultant and jubilant choice played immediately after your marriage is announced by the celebrant

Popular Music Choices

Here is a list of music that comes up often for us in various instrumentation:



And we can play almost anything else, within reason, as long as we can find sheet music, including stylized versions of your favorite pop songs and ballads!

Selecting the best ceremony songs is an essential part of creating a memorable wedding day. From the processional to the recessional, the right music can enhance the emotional impact of each moment. We hope our recommendations help you choose the perfect soundtrack for your special day. As always, if you need a live wedding band that can bring these songs to life, we’re here to help make your wedding unforgettable.

Looking for a wedding band that can make your ceremony truly magical? Contact us today to discuss your wedding music needs and let us help you create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.